At Dow Terneuzen, we value an equal, inclusive and diverse work environment. With more than 3600 employees and more than 50 nationalities, we are a very diverse organization. We work every day to create an environment in which everyone can be themselves. Where everyone is respected and valued, in order to achieve the best performance together. We try to promote this as much as possible through Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Liza Adeyemi (Treasury Manager at Dow Terneuzen) and Amit Shah (Strategy, Business Development, Growth & Sustainability Leader at Dow Terneuzen), both co-chair of MIX, a team that works across all ERGs, talks about ERG’s here.

In addition, based on our policy on inclusion and diversity, we are the proud main sponsor of Pink Saturday Goes on 17 June. A festive event for young and old. In the run-up to this day, we organized the ID&E Conference 2023. We look back at this in this article.

ID&E Conference 2023
A company with an inclusive and diverse work environment is golden. On Thursday, March 23, we discussed this with various organizations during the regional event ID&E Conference 2023. Luca Senis, Supply Manager and organizer of the conference, looks back on a successful and inspiring event.At Dow, inclusion, diversity and equity are very important. For example, there are different groups, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to promote a diverse and inclusive workplace. We therefore thought it was a good idea to talk to other organizations about these topics to share our approach, but also to hear how it works within other companies. The event gave a lot of inspiration, and we learned a lot from each other.”

Employees can be themselves
Organizations from the area were present during the ID&E event, but also (inter)national companies. This resulted in good discussions. Lennart Heip, logistics manager, member of GLAD and co-organiser looks back with satisfaction. “Inclusion and diversity are dealt with differently within the policies of organizations, but all are about ensuring that all employees can be themselves and feel valued. Then there is also better performance. A great development, which has come at a rapid pace in recent years.”

Party in the center of Goes during Pink Saturday
Goes is the host city of the upcoming edition of Pink Saturday. On Saturday, June 17, the party is for everyone in the center of Goes and we can make a nice contribution to that as a proud sponsor. Tom de Koning, from the organization of Pink Saturday Goes, was present during the ID&E Conference 2023 and told more about the event. “We are very proud to have brought Pink Saturday to Goes. It promises to be a great event. There are many activities and artists perform; in short, there is something to do for everyone, young and old. We are very happy with the support of companies like Dow. It is also good that they treat topics such as inclusion and diversity in this way and make it a topic for discussion during an ID&E Conference.”

Aftermovie ID&E Conference

We look back on a successful ID&E Conference. Curious about the images? Watch the aftermovie below.


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