Working on safety

Working on safety is a continuous process of gathering knowledge, gaining experience, learning from each other and implementing improvements.

Safety is a people business: education, training and a safety culture are essential for everyone to work safely. Dow, together with the contractor companies, has therefore set up the Together for Safety program to further improve the safety culture at the site. The program has been rolled out across the site and supports employees in talking to each other about working safely in our plants. The starting point is clear: everyone should go home safe and sound every day.

Safety Street & Life critical Standards
Dow, together with its contractor partners, has opened a Safety Street, where employees are even better prepared for working at Dow. The Life Critical Standards are the basis for the training items in the Safety Street. During the visit, practical information is shared on our safety procedures. This includes fall prevention, working in confined spaces, work safety permits and much more. The Safety Street is therefore an important part to further increase the safety awareness on working at Dow.

Safety walks
Safety walks are organized every week in the different departments and also across the site. Here we stimulate intervention, calling each other to account if we think something is not being done safely, and a compliment when the work is prepared and done well. This culture of intervention is an important element in becoming better at recognizing risks and managing risks to prevent incidents.

Where we can, we also employ technology to perform risky activities. Dow sees robotization as an innovation that contributes to safer work because they take work off our hands.

In order to be able to carry out inspection and maintenance work more safely and efficiently, and to avoid people having to enter confined spaces, for example, we are increasingly deploying robots. The Terneuzen Robotics Center is the expertise center for Robotics that also supports other Dow sites in EMEAI.

Robots are used to carry out risky work (such as in confined spaces, at great heights and under water) in an efficient and safe way. By deploying robots, we prevent employees from having to enter confined spaces, among other things: Dow therefore has the goal of no longer having to enter confined spaces by 2025. In Terneuzen, entering more than 1100 confined spaces has been prevented since the robots were introduced.

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