Voluntary cleanups via #PullingOurWeight (POW)

We want to increase attention for the litter problem by involving people in clean-up campaigns with the aim of realizing a kind of double behavioral change. On the one hand, we want to ensure that people do not just throw away the plastic after use, on the other hand, we want to clean up when we see litter in the environment. By involving employees and their families in clean-up campaigns from Dow, people also become more aware that this is a problem even in the Netherlands. Because if you really start looking, you'll be shocked by how much junk there is along the road and along the water.

World Clean Up Day
On Saturday 17 September it is the 'World Clean-up Day'. This year, our Dow employees will again participate in a major clean-up event in Terneuzen.

In collaboration with the municipality of Terneuzen and our Partner Natuur&Zo, we will clean up after the fair in Terneuzen! More information about this campaign and our previous actions during the PullingOurWeight event can be found here.