Improving our living environment sustainably

We are committed to the people around us. By supporting many initiatives and events as the largest employer in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, we contribute to the viability, well-being and economy in our region. As part of this, we also have an enthusiastic donation team. On behalf of our organization, they seek to support local and regional projects that sustainably improve the quality of our living environment.

Donation focus areas
Donations are always in line with our organizational values. The focus areas are nature & environment, education, innovation and diversity & inclusion. Last period we also supported projects related to corona and Ukraine. If you want to get a better idea of what kind of projects we support, be sure to take a look here.

Our Terneuzen donation team
Dow Terneuzen's donation team consists of a number of enthusiastic colleagues who work within various departments in our organization, namely: Operations, R&D, EH&S and supporting departments such as HR Talent Acquisition/Communication. Our donation team is comprised of:

  • Viola Dobbelaar (European Donation Coordinator, lives in Schapenbout)
  • Emanuela Hermes (HR Talent Acquistion Team, lives in Ovezande)
  • Cees van Houwelingen (Environmental Expertise & Regulatory Affairs, lives in Terneuzen)
  • Matthijs Ruitenbeek (Research Scientist Plastics Processes & Circularity, lives in Middelburg)
  • Bart Hendriks (Senior Production Engineer LHC, lives in Lamswaarde)
  • Anneli Deij (Communication Officer, lives in Middelburg)

The team meets regularly to review requests received or to propose donation projects of their own. Emanuela and Viola briefly explain why they are part of the donation team.

Emanuela: “Being a part of the donation team and actively engaging with organizations that could use the support makes me feel good! I am proud to work for a company like Dow that is positively involved in the local community.”

Viola: “Making a voluntary contribution to society can be done in many different ways. I am fortunate to be a part of the Dow donation team to be able to do my part for our region and for organizations and people in need.”

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A minimum of two donation periods per year
It is good to know that we have a minimum of two periods each year (at the beginning of the year and in early fall) to award donations. Of course, everyone will receive written feedback from the donation team about the request. Please keep in mind that due to the administrative process, etc. it can take quite some time before you receive a response.

Want to submit a donation request?
This is very easy to do. Using the link below, fill out the form and send us an official application letter via e-mail at In order to meet the donation requirements, the letter must contain the following information: logo and name of the foundation, address, CoC and VAT number, IBAN, explanation of the project including requested amount (min. 1000 euros), name and signature of contact person. For clarity, we ask that you include the project name in the subject of the e-mail. We do not donate to individuals or for-profit organizations.

Submit donation request

We look forward to receiving your request and wish you the best of luck with the organization of your project!