Welcome to DowCircles.nl!

The sustainability platform of Dow Terneuzen
At Dow Terneuzen, we make plastics and basic raw materials that we all use every day. Examples include smartphone, packaging materials, mattresses, insulation materials and coatings. In our production processes we highly value sustainability, safety and innovation. Andrea, Bart, Julie, and other colleagues will tell you more about these items on this platform.

We take you along in our journey how we develop innovative projects and more sustainable solutions step by step. With the ultimate goal to achieve a fully circular production process at Dow Terneuzen. And minimum inconvenience for the environment around us. 

Together we can close the loop! Will you join?
We cannot achieve this goal at once, we do it step by step. And we can't do this alone! We want to increase the circle of involvement, in which we work closely together with our colleagues, locals, partners and customers. Together we want to share knowledge, experiences and ideas in order to achieve the best results. So future generations can enjoy more comfort and sustainability in their lives with our high-quality products.

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Our company fire brigade ensures our safety every day. They have to practice a lot for this. How many hours a day do they do that?