We have the ambition to make 100% of the process water for the Terneuzen plant from recycled water by 2025. In doing so, we are contributing to the water transition and sustainability goals.

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The global economy must increasingly move towards a circular system, in which end products and residual waste from one production process are inputs for another. 

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Sustainable processes

Reducing energy consumption, reducing pollution and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Together, we will look for better ways to save energy and reduce emissions.

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Revaluing residual products is a topic that is increasingly on the agenda of companies and authorities. After all, why use 'new' raw materials when you can use existing ones? 

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Living nature

We ensure that nature is part of the business decision making process, so that projects are not only of value to the business, but also to the ecosystem.

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Projects in the neighborhood

Together with our employees, neighbors and clients, we focus on finding sustainable solutions, realizing (inclusive) societies where everyone feels at home and developing the innovators of tomorrow.

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Roadmap to zero

This plan, also called Multi Generation Plan, makes Terneuzen an exemplary location and a role model for our organization's global transition to achieve the goal of CO2 neutrality by 2050.

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For nearly two decades, we have been publishing our environmental performance and other global sustainability data.

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