A collaboration for making water use more sustainable

Water scarcity is becoming a reality at some Dow locations around Europe. Therefore, we are seeking opportunities to reduce the freshwater intake in the different production sites. In doing so, we are contributing to our water transition and sustainability goals. The basic principle is that efficient and reliable techniques are synchronized with high demands on water quality and costs. This is where the AquaSPICE-project steps in. Our colleagues Niels Groot and Andrea De Las Heras García, both Water Specialists at Dow, are highly involved within the AquaSPICE-project and they will tell more about it.

Niels starts: "The main goals of the AquaSPICE-project are to reduce water demand, reduce or restore water loss, pre-process and recycle water and utilize alternative water sources. The project is part of a broad European consortium, a collaboration with 29 partners from industry, academia, water technology and IT companies. Within the project 6 case studies are executed, where Dow focuses on the reduction of freshwater intake."

The AquaSPICE-project

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Listen to the Podcast with Anton van Beek

Listen to the Podcast via the link below, in which Maikel Harte talks to Anton van Beek about the sustainable ambition of Dow Terneuzen.