Hydrogen exchange with Yara

Not only within our own organization do we look for better ways to save energy and reduce emissions, but also outside of it. One of our initiatives is the Smart Delta Resources platform. Eleven raw material and energy-intensive companies from the region, with the support of the Province of Zeeland, Economische Impuls Zeeland and North Sea Ports, are looking for smart ways of dealing with raw materials, waste and residues. The hydrogen exchange between Dow and Yara, an initiative of Smart Delta Resources.

12-kilometer pipeline

The 12-kilometer hydrogen pipeline, about which agreements were signed in March 2018 between Dow, Yara, ICL-IP and Gasunie Waterstof Services, was put into operation in October of that year. Last summer, the connections were made at our premises and at Yara, and a few adjustments were made to the gas transport pipeline to make it suitable for the transport of hydrogen. The pipeline was then filled with hydrogen. Since then, the pipeline has been used commercially to transport more than four kilotons of hydrogen a year.

How it works?

Infographic Hydrogen exchange with Yara

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