Carbon2Value: revaluing CO2

Reducing CO2 emissions is one of our main goals for reducing our footprint. With the cross-border project Carbon2Value, we are investigating the possibilities of separating, purifying and converting CO2 streams originating from the process gases of partners - in this case the steel industry - into building blocks for new value chains.

Carbon2Value started in 2016. Together with ArcelorMittal, we investigated in the laboratory how we could separate the process gases. After years of research, a pilot plant was completed on ArcelorMittal's premises in Ghent on 11 July 2018. In this plant, we separate residual gases from the steel plant. The goal: to investigate the feasibility of the concept and to see if the gases obtained are suitable for circular use. How does the process work in practice? What changes are made to the remaining lean gas? Is the remaining carbon monoxide (CO) suitable for conversion into important products for Dow? And can we use or store the captured CO2? If the results of this project are promising, the first step has been taken towards a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions in the region.

In addition to processing CO2, Dow is currently exploring opportunities to reuse the CO released in the process in its new Steel2Chemicals project. This project is a second step in the revaluation of residual products within the steel industry.

With this project, we are investigating sustainable alternatives in order to reduce CO2 emissions and the use of finite fossil raw materials. This collaboration is also a good example of how you can join forces across country borders and the value chain.

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