These are: Brutus, Cyclo and Packbot, our Robo-champs!

Safer and more efficient

Brutus, Cyclo and Packbot: these are a few of our robotic colleagues that you will see more and more at Dow in the coming years. They are used to perform hazardous work in an efficient and safe manner. For example, the robots inspect and clean storage tanks. The use of robots prevents employees from having to enter a confined space. This contributes to safety. In addition, the tank can remain in operation during the work, making maintenance more efficient. This new technology is also being used to inspect various facilities. All cooling towers are already inspected with a drone, and the walls of water basins with a submarine. All observations are assessed remotely, while the cooling tower remains in operation.

Growth and education

Because a lot of experience has been gained recently in operating robots, Dow Terneuzen is now the Center of Expertise for Robotics at Dow in EMEAI. From this location, the various Dow robots in Europe are managed, maintained and inspected. In addition, the location coordinates education and training of all users of robots at Dow in Europe. And this involves an increasing number! Currently, 25 European inspectors have already been trained in working with robots. They learn not only how to operate the robots, but also how to properly interpret the images they produce. In the coming years, we will train dozens more employees in the use of robots. It is increasingly becoming part of our daily work.

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