Beautiful weather, cool artists and super fun festival vibes! As a proud supporter of Vestrock, we look back on a successful edition of Vestrock in Hulst.

Dow Circles on Tour
Our colleagues Melissa Dunkle and Jaap den Doelder provided a great first edition of Dow Circles on Tour. A full house with interested people in our story about Dow and our circular goals for the future. 

Win tickets
We would like to thank all participants for the enthusiastic response to our contest for festival tickets, it was nice to see the high involvement! Leading up to Vestrock, a lot of tickets were given away and we set up contests for colleagues and the community, for who wanted to go to the festival.

They racked their brains on various contests and the rebus was also successfully deciphered by many. The Special Hunts were well attended, with large numbers searching for the coveted festival tickets with backstage tour! Photos were taken by colleagues with the DowCircles photobooth and also during the festival itself, attendees took photos with our photobooth. Super fun band photos' were taken with our cool DowVestrock photobooth at the festival itself and we can already present some winners with tickets for the next edition of Vestrock.

On to the next events!
Thanks again to everyone who participated. You have made these contests a great success. We hope those who won tickets had a great time at Vestrock! For those who didn't win this time, don't worry, there are other fun events coming up!

Vestrock 2023
Winactie voor Vestrock 2024.
Vestrock partyglasses
Dow Circles on Tour with silent disco
Dow Circles photobooth
Dow Circles on Tour

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Listen to the Podcast with Anton van Beek

Listen to the Podcast via the link below, in which Maikel Harte talks to Anton van Beek about the sustainable ambition of Dow Terneuzen.