Dow proud sponsor of the Eco-Runner Team

In May, the new design of the hydrogen car of the University of Delft; the Eco-RunnerXL was presented. Built by a group of 23 students at TU Delft. As a proud partner of this project, our colleague Laura Aguila (EMEAI Sustainability Manager) attended this presentation. On Wednesday, May 25, the TU students were our guests in Terneuzen. Read more about our collaboration with team Eco-Runner in this article.

Hydrogen mobility
Laura: “The Eco-Runner Team Delft has already been working for many years on the innovative design of sustainable mobility. Their latest version is the Eco-Runner XL, a lightweight car that runs on hydrogen and looks a lot like a modern city car. For example, the Eco-RunnerXL has driven 1195 kilometers on a tank of 350 grams of hydrogen. A prestigious world record. With the Eco-RunnerXL, the team takes part in the Shell Eco-Marathon, a global competition devoted to making mobility more efficient. Hundreds of teams participate every year in the battle for the most sustainable car.”

Roadmap to Zero
Anton van Beek: “Just like the Eco-Runner Team Delft, we at Dow strongly believe in the role of hydrogen in the energy transition. This will also play an important role in our Roadmap to Zero. The development of a Hydrogen economy and its importance to decarbonize for example the transportation sector (or logistics) is something of high importance. Therefore, we are very happy with this collaboration. I am convinced that both our people and the students at TU Delft can learn a lot from each other. This offers interesting perspectives in the innovation of the energy transition and attracting young and ambitious talent at Dow.”

Ecorunner team meets Dow Terneuzen
On Wednesday, May 25, the TU-Delft Ecorunner team were visiting Terneuzen. Our colleagues Lois van Druten and Jeroen Tap welcomed the students and shared more information on our organization, our products & processes, our Roadmap to Zero activities and our sustainability projects. And of course also career opportunities were discussed and an bus tour throughout our Industrypark was part of the visit. In the afternoon, a 'case study' was on the program. As proud sponsor of the Eco-runner team, we wish the students a lot of success and fun during 'The Eco-Marathon 2022'.

Eco-Marathon 2022
Eco-Runner Team Delft competes in the Eco-Marathon, a competition devoted to making mobility more efficient. This competition challenges student teams to push the boundaries of technology, innovation and hard work in order to create the world’s most efficient cars. The Eco-Marathon has existed since 1985 and is considered on of the biggest global student competitions with hundreds of competing teams. 

The competition is divided into 2 classes; the Prototype Class and the Urban Concept Class. The prototype class has very few rules; students are challenged to create the most efficient vehicle possible. This oftenly results in a vehicle with 3 wheels (less rolling resistance) and a weight of approximately 30 kilograms, as seen on the picture on the left.

The Urban Concept Class is a bit more restricted; the vehicle must have 4 wheels, the driver has to sit up straight, the car must have lights, a windshield wiper and space for luggage. All this is done in order to simulate a city car and make this concept a bit more realistic as an application for society in the future. The Class the Eco-Runners is competing in.

And it worked!

During the last and best attempt at the Assen circuit they scored: 486 km/m^3 hydrogen, which is equivalent to approximately 5407 km on a kilogram of hydrogen!!! Unbelievable.

Would you like to read more about the Eco-Runner Team Delft? Take a look at their website.


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