Dow Benelux maintains a close relationship with the neighborhood. We have an active donation policy, for example. That way, we contribute to local and regional projects that sustainably improve the quality of the living environment. In doing this, we place emphases on nature and the environment, education, innovation and inclusion.

For example, in 2020 we donated an amount to the Tragel foundation. Partly thanks to this donation, Tragel was able to purchase a number of smart TVs. The apps on the smart TV are used for entertainment, but also for education and information. It provides distraction and fun, especially during the corona period. The residents and clients are very happy with their new TVs!

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Listen to the Podcast with Anton van Beek

Listen to the Podcast via the link below, in which Maikel Harte talks to Anton van Beek about the sustainable ambition of Dow Terneuzen.