What is the secret of Dress for Success, the organisation that aims to help people at a distance from the labour market find a job? Speaking is Emanuela Hermes, one of the board members of Dress for Success and an employee in the Human Resources department at Dow. She got involved at an early stage through Dow and immediately saw the many possibilities of this initiative.

Employee engagement
When asked if she could tell us a bit about Dress for Success, Emanuela enthusiastically replies, "As it fitted in with my education and is supported by Dow to volunteer within the framework of 'employee engagement', I helped develop and implement a marketing plan together with colleagues and established contacts with organisations in the region (Municipality of Terneuzen, UWV, Aan de slag in Zeeland etc.)." 

Addition to existing organisations
Emanuela continues: "This Dress for Success is based in Terneuzen. It is the only one in the whole of Zeeland and one of ten branches in the Netherlands.  Its main aim is to help people distant from the labour market prepare for applying and finding a job. We complement other organisations; that complement consists of providing suitable work and job interview clothes free of charge. We also sometimes provide tips on upgrading a CV or advice on personal development.  We obviously do not want to and cannot replace an organisation like the UWV, but through our cooperation we strengthen each other."

The fact that an organisation like Dress for Success is very effective is proven by the examples of a number of customers who have since found jobs or have good prospects for a (new) job. Dow's commitment is shown not only by the work of the many Dow volunteers, but also by the support of colleagues and the Dow Donation Team. A financial contribution from Dow enables the Dress For Success 'shop' to be further professionalised. 

Are there any wishes from within the organisation? Emanuela: "Absolutely. For instance, we are always looking for additional volunteers and we would really like to have more male volunteers in our team. Because the client base consists mainly of women, but men also regularly call on Dress for Success these days. And that, of course, is the intention!"

Want to know more about Dress for Success? You can follow them on LinkedIn and Instagram. Or watch the TV interview on Omroep Hulst here.

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