Gisella's roots trace back to Italy. Her parents left Italy for Belgium in the 80s, where she was born. Raised in an Italian-speaking household and educated at the European School, destiny brought her to Brussels, where she met her husband – a Dutch-born Pastry chef. Their marriage in 2009 added two chapters to their story: Liam, their curious 10-year-old, and Lexie, their 3-year-old bundle of joy. Their journey zigzagged through multiple relocations until they settled in Axel, their true home.

My Recipe for a Successful Career at Dow
As a Senior Benefits Specialist at Dow, Gisella has made her dream come true: turning her passion into her career while achieving a great work-life balance. It has been a journey full of challenges and opportunities, and she’s proud of the impact she has been able to make. In this article, Gisella shares her perfect recipe for an enriching career at Dow.

“It all starts with finding a company that suits you, where your values and those of the company are in harmony. For me, Dow was such a company, with a great company culture, supportive colleagues and an environment that encourages continuous growth and development. After thirteen years, I still enjoy working at Dow.”

“Flexibility and creativity are crucial ingredients for a successful career. Thanks to the Design Your Day initiative at Dow, I can work three days a week from our modern office in Terneuzen, and the other two days from home. When I go to the office, I use the time to connect with my co-workers, engage in meetings, and focus on collaborative work or any tasks that require in-person presence. I also do take short breaks throughout the day to network with people from other teams. When I work from home, I start working earlier in the morning so I can take a longer lunch break to go to the gym. This has helped me to adapt my working hours to the needs of my team and customers, while freeing up enough time for my family.”

Another important ingredient is embracing new challenges. “I started my career at Dow in Customer Service, but by being flexible and open to change, I made the switch to the HR department. There, I now work with a diverse team of more than 150 colleagues of 20+ different nationalities. Together we deliver innovative solutions to our employees and external stakeholders in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India; from talent acquisition and workforce administration, to payroll, total rewards, learning & development, and HR advisory disciplines.”

“My passion for people has really flavored my career at Dow. When I joined the talent acquisition discipline in 2018, I was directly involved in the implementation of the new HR software system called My HR Portal. Recently I transitioned into the role of Senior Benefits Specialist, where I played a crucial role in revamping Dow's employee benefits program in Switzerland. I enjoy making valuable contributions and seeing tangible results, such as attracting the right talent and supporting employees with attractive benefits.”

“Outside of my role as Senior Benefits Specialist, I am also certified as a trustee. In this role, I serve as a bridge between employees and their supervisors, providing a safe and confidential space for employees to voice their ideas or concerns. I am proud to play a role in promoting an inclusive, diverse, and equal workplace.”

“My roots trace back to Italy. My parents left Italy for Belgium in the 80s, where I was born. Raised in an Italian-speaking household and educated at the European School, destiny brought me to Brussels, where I met my husband – a Dutch-born Pastry chef. Our marriage in 2009 added two chapters to our story: Liam, our curious 10-year-old, and Lexie, our 3-year-old bundle of joy. Our journey zigzagged through multiple relocations until we found solace in Axel, our true home.”

“If you are interested in a career at Dow and want to know what our HR department looks like, I invite you to explore our exciting career opportunities at Dow offers an environment where you can follow your passion and develop yourself while making a positive impact on others. I am living proof that it is possible to make your passion your career, and I hope my story will inspire others to do the same.”


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