Rainbow container as a symbol for diversity and inclusion

Dow participated in a wonderful global concept with our supplier Maersk, a global logistics and transport company. In 2020, two fully functional Maersk containers were painted in rainbow colors. These symbolize inclusion and diversity, something that is very important to us. We are therefore proud of the fact that with this initiative we are dedicating ourselves to a better future, in which all employees, partners and customers feel welcome and are able to be themselves.

From Los Angeles to Yokohama
The Maersk rainbow containers literally go around the world. After a stopover in Freeport, Texas, the 20-foot container was filled with our NUCRELTM plastic resins and shipped to the port of Antwerp. There the container was unloaded and moved to the Dow Diamond Center, where it could be visited between 17 and 21 January 2022.

A container with a message
In all ports where the rainbow containers arrive, the employees of the terminal, and of other Maersk parties, are given the opportunity to sign the inside of the containers. This as a symbol of their personal commitment to equality. This also allowed our Dow colleagues to leave their own message regarding inclusion and diversity in the container. On the last day that the container could be visited at the Dow Diamond Center we were accompanied by a delegation from the local D66. A great opportunity to share our vision on inclusion and diversity.

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