Pumptrack Axel

A year and a half ago, Luca Verschuren had a dream: a pumptrack in Axel that everyone could use freely and for free. That dream is now almost a reality.

The idea Luca once had becomes even more beautiful. In addition to a pumptrack, which is the centerpiece of the project, a park with a playground will be built. During the presentation of the project, a mobile pumptrack was set up to give children a taste of pumptrack already. A pumptrack is a paved dirt track with bumps and turns, on which you gain speed by making pumping movements. The track is contiguous, so you can ride around endlessly. The project will be realized next to 't Sportuus in Axel and should become a meeting place, making a positive contribution to the society. The project has recently joined Bibian Mentel's Mentelity Foundation, realizing the first Bibian Mentel Playground in Zeeland. It will be a playground where children, with and without physical challenges, can play together.

Through cooperation between different organizations and with the help of donors such as main sponsor Dow, a realizable project was created instead of a dream.

Construction of the park is expected to begin in the spring of 2023. You can follow the progress of the project at www.pumptrackbaanaxel.nl.

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