Pulling Our Weight Clean Up Event great success

September 18th was World Clean Up Day. That is why Dow Benelux organized the 'Pulling Our Weight' event, just like in previous years. The event was spread over different days and locations throughout the whole Benelux, so employees had different opportunities to participate.

Check out the after movie and get an impression of the various clean-up activities.


Employees also organized dozens of smaller clean-up campaigns throughout Zeeland, for example, in addition to Terneuzen, they also cleaned up at the Radar Tower in Cadzand and nearby the Paulina beach. But also at other Dow Benelux locations they were cleaning up, for example in Antwerp.

“It's good to realize that anyone can actually do this every day.” – Charina Soffiany, Customer Service

The action was again a great success, many employees participated, from operators of different plants to office employees and family and friends of employees also contributed.

“It's amazing that it's not in people's minds to automatically throw a soda can or a newspaper into the nearest bin.” - Herman van den Broeck, Team Leader Invoice To Cash

Dow Benelux has a partnership with 'Natuur&Zo', the center for nature and environmental education in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. Brenda Jasperse, coordinator at Natuur&Zo, is happy with this collaboration: “We have been working with Dow since 2013 and that has grown for this event to more than 200 people here in Terneuzen. It gives me goosebumps that 'Pulling Our Weight' is a worldwide initiative." Dow Benelux therefore donates an amount to Natuur&Zo Zeeuws-Vlaanderen on behalf of the team that collected the most waste.

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