On Monday 12 June, Siteleader Kepa Diaz de Mendibil signed the letter of intent for the Junior Practical Program on behalf of Dow. This is a pilot at educational institution Scalda, in which we, together with our partners Scalda, Cargill, Elopak, Yara Sluiskil, Zeeland Refinery, Trinseo, EPZ and ICL-IP Terneuzen B.V. the challenge of finding and training technical talents in the coming years.

The Junior Practical Program is a BOL training Process Technology & Maintenance level 3 and 4 for students from 16 years old. The Junior Practical Program allows students to gain work experience in addition to their training. In addition to the normal school and internship days, they also get apprentice days. They learn in a simulated/conditioned environment on the farm and they are given space to carry out activities, to learn know-how, skills, evaluation and reflection on implementation. The pilot of this program will start in September.

You will soon find more information about the Junior Practical Program on the career page of Dow Benelux: nl.dow.com/carriere.

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