On the pedals for a good cause

The Delta Ride for the Roses is the annual, unique cycling event that is committed to KWF Cancer Society. Every year many colleagues ride along or volunteer during the event. Colleague Nico Belde (Contract Manager Dow Services Business) is driving along for the first time this year and shares his personal story.

Personal motivation for cycling
Everyone who rides on the Delta Ride for the Roses makes a nice contribution to charity, but every participant has their own reason for participating. “Unfortunately, I have a personal motivation to cycle for the first time this year”, Nico begins. “My partner was diagnosed with cancer last year. When you hear that, it shakes your reality. Then uncertainty quickly follows. What are the possibilities, what will happen? What will it look like in a year? It's a very intense period. Now we are a year further and she has undergone operations. In principle, everything has been removed, but you never know what has already been distributed in the body. We look positively at the future, but the uncertainty remains and it changes your life completely.”

Nico continues to talk about why he wants to dedicate himself to Delta Ride for the Roses. “The donations that are raised at events like this always end up well. I myself have experienced that the closer it gets, the greater the feeling of being able to mean something. For example, I asked for donations in my immediate vicinity for my participation and that has raised a nice amount, I will go cycling for that on Sunday 11 June.”

Symbolic value
Dow is cycling with more than 200 colleagues this year. Nico takes part for the first time and talks about his expectations. “It is difficult to estimate how I feel after riding the Ride for the Roses. It will be quite an experience to mean something for a good cause with so many at the same time. My partner will be there and that has a special meaning for me. It's been a tough year and when you cross the finish line it might have something of a symbolic value."

Nico is finally clear about the importance and power of the Delta Ride for the Roses. “The most important thing is that we support KWF Cancer Society with all participants, sponsors and volunteers in research into cancer and its treatment. Furthermore, these initiatives provide connection and it is a heart under the belt for the people who have to deal with them. It feels good to be able to contribute to this with my colleagues in this way.”

Delta Ride for the Roses
The Delta Ride for the Roses will be organized on the weekend of 9, 10 and 11 June. All information about the DELTA Ride for the Roses can be found here: www.deltaridefortheroses.nl.

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