Dow donates to Leergeld foundation: every child should be able to participate!

Recently, Dow made a financial contribution to the foundation Leergeld Oosterschelde region.

Swimming diploma guarantee
For the donated amount, the 'swimming diploma guarantee' project was realized. This swimming diploma guarantee means that children from the age of 6 whose parents do not have sufficient financial means can still get a swimming diploma. Through the Youth Fund Sport & Culture, children can take swimming lessons. Unfortunately, their budget is not always sufficient to pay for all swimming lessons. In that case, Leergeld Oosterschelderegio ensures that extra costs are paid. That way, every child can obtain a swimming certificate. 

Every child should be able to participate! 
Like the Leergeld foundation, Dow believes it is important for all children, especially those living in a water-rich province like Zeeland, to learn to swim. Dow's donation will enable about 60 children to obtain a swimming certificate. Besides swimming lessons, the foundation also helps children in need to buy a laptop or a bicycle. Because every child should be able to participate! 

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