Together with Sitech Geleen, Shell Moerdijk and Gezamenlijke Brandweer (Rotterdam Joint Fire Department), an agreement has been signed to share fire and safety knowledge and resources. This for optimal support in the event of possible incidents.

A safe collaboration
The signing is another step in closer cooperation of the Platform Industrial Incident response (PII). The fire departments united several years ago with the goal of being able to quickly support each other in the event of an industrial incident. This requires specific knowledge and equipment. The agreement formalizes the cooperation.

Kepa Diaz de Mendibil (Site Leader Dow Terneuzen) signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of Dow. He explains the value of it: "The meeting was a great opportunity to network with other companies and with the Royal Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry (VNCI) about the importance of this cooperation. During the meeting, we explained the specific features and relevance of the Platform Industrial Incident response and also shared our views on how we work together as a chemical industry."

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