Cinelive Scheldemond Foundation meets Dow

Since October 1st, we have been a proud cooperation partner of Stichting Cinelive Scheldemond. This foundation is committed to improving the quality of life for all residents in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. Together we create a central place, in and around De Koning van Engeland in Hulst, where everyone is welcome and where it's all about being together and connecting. The focus areas of the Foundation are; Art & Culture, Care & Welfare, Film, Sports, Education and Music. Founded in 2022, the CineLive Scheldemond Foundation aims to improve the quality of life in the community. They do this by increasing the level of facilities and by organizing all kinds of activities at De Koning van Engeland in Hulst. We are very enthusiastic about this initiative, which is why we have entered into a long-term partnership with the foundation in the form of a donation. Our colleague Kiona van Campenhout is part of the Dow project team, together with Bart Hendriks and Frank van der Meer, and tells more about it.

Improve the livability of the community
The CineLive Scheldemond Foundation has a clear ambition in mind and what needs to be done in the near future to achieve it. Kiona talks enthusiastically about the plans: "The foundation was established to improve the livability of the community. One way to do this is to raise the level of facilities to a higher level. In addition, the offer of cultural and educational activities in the community, with special attention to all target groups that are still underexposed, will be increased. This is done by creating a place, in and around De Koning van Engeland in Hulst, where people from all walks of life can meet and where connections are established. Furthermore, the foundation promotes the development of the socio-economic base in the center of Hulst, which has a positive influence on the surrounding region. And finally, they want to strengthen the Zeeland Flemish identity and promote the region."

Kiona continues: "We got into conversation and have already had the opportunity to experience that it is a cultural foundation focused on an inclusive society. Of course films are shown in The King of England, but the foundation also develops activities for young people, expats, seniors, basically all target groups. Attention is given to everyone, which we think is a great objective and also fits perfectly with our pillars of donations. That is why we are going to support this project in the coming years. And we as members of the Dow project team are all born and raised in the region of Hulst, so that is an extra motivation for us to make this cooperation a success!  

Working together for a longer period of time
We like to be involved in the environment, and the CineLive Scheldemond Foundation is a prime example that conveys this as well. Kiona explains why a donation made sense and what it will look like. "This cultural foundation targets different audiences with its activities. We think this is a positive development and therefore would like to enter into the cooperation for a longer period. We are now busy making plans. We will draw up an annual program and think along about events we can organize together. We are also further developing a wish list of ideas with what we want to achieve in the coming period. These are linked to inclusion and diversity, but also, for example, related to projects with schools, such as the cooperation with Scalda. We want to have the widest possible variety of events and activities in the annual schedule."

Warm up during kick-off event 
Kiona explains what the upcoming period looks like. "The cooperation started on October 1st. To celebrate this partnership and to show how you can work with the foundation from your role, a kick-off event was organized on Monday, Oct. 30, together with our colleagues and external partners. At this event, we launched the program and were able to introduce the foundation even more broadly within our organization and to our collaboration partners. It's really warming up and seeing how we can move forward together, but it's nice that it's a collaboration between two parties who share the same goals."

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