Sheep maintain the Dow site

On the northeast side of the Dow site in Terneuzen are about 240 poplars that clean up the groundwater contaminated with dioxane in a natural way. The arrival of the trees meant that Dow had to mow the grass between the trees every two months due to safety requirements. Instead of mowing the grass with machines, we started looking for a sustainable alternative. That's when the possibility of grazing by sheep came into the picture.

Comprehensive safety investigation
Before we allowed these sheep on the Dow site, we did extensive research for two years. One of the things we did was to determine whether it was safe and responsible to allow these sheep to graze on this piece of land. We found out that the dioxane does not attach to the soil and only occurs in the groundwater. In other words: a green (as grass) light for the grazing sheep, because it is not harmful for sheep. 

Nature-friendly, fun and effective
After realizing the fence, shelter and drinking facility, in April 2018 we welcomed ten Rhinelander sheep to Terneuzen's grounds. They can reach everything effortlessly, are sustainable and also cheap. Plus, it is just a beautiful picture to see! In short: it is a nature-friendly, fun way of mowing the grass all year round, with no need for machines. There is also no need for additional mowing.

Dow is always looking for sustainable solutions. Using sheep to keep the grass between the trees short is a good example of how nature and chemistry can go hand in hand.

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Listen to the Podcast with Anton van Beek

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