Geboorte lam ‘Amine’ grote verrassing

Birth lamb 'Amine' big surprise

It was a big surprise when on our property in Terneuzen suddenly eleven sheep were counted instead of ten. Especially because in the sheep flock there are only ewes. So the mother must have gotten pregnant elsewhere. The sheep walk in a meadow that is home to 240 poplars that naturally sanitize dioxane-polluted groundwater.  

The name 'Amine'
Our employees were given the opportunity via Facebook to find a suitable name for the lamb. There were many responses: Coronita, Elfje, Herby, Lamborghini and Shiro, were all considered. In the end, the name Amine emerged as the winner. This name refers to the fifty year old Amines factory, which closed in 2020.  

So how did it happen?
Just before winter, a sheep was replaced because it was getting too old. This sheep was aging and could no longer graze properly due to her worn teeth, so she became emaciated. A new sheep replaced it, not knowing (neither we nor the farmer noticed) that it was pregnant. As a result, it came as a complete surprise when suddenly the little lamb Amine hopped into the flock.

And how to proceed with Amine?
Anime is a yearling and if we let it graze with the ten ewes, it will eventually mate with one or more ewes. That would mean that the flock would grow and we don't want that, because the plot is not big enough for that. So there are two options: Castrate Amine or give it back to the farmer.  Amine will therefore be taken by the farmer after the annual sheep shearing and added to one of his other flocks.

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