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For the first time in two years (due to Covid measures), representatives of the United Maintenance Partners (VMP) and Dow Terneuzen got together again in Communicatiecentrum De Boerderij for the annual presentation of the Contractor Awards. Safety, quality and innovation are important pillars within our organisation. To stimulate this, the Dow Contractor Awards are presented every year. Contractor companies that perform best on these themes are put in the spotlight and rewarded with an award.

The festive presentation was opened by Kepa Diaz de Mendibil, Site Director of Dow Terneuzen since April 1st of this year. In his speech, Kepa underlined the importance of a successful partnership between Dow and the VMP contractor firms: "Only through good partnership can we be successful and further improve our safety performance. Our contractor companies are very important in this and certainly in the run-up to all the projects and activities for our Terneuzen 2030 project."

The winners of the 2021 Contractor Awards

Overall contractor award 2020 on themes of safety, innovation and purchasing:

1. Syndus Group

2. Bilfinger-ROB

3. TMS

EH&S contractor award 2020 for the best safety performance:

1. Syndus Group

2. Kaefer

3. TMS

Innovation contractor award 2020 for the most innovative performance:

1. Bilfinger-ROB

2. Syndus Group

3. H4A

A special recognition for Financial Compliance also followed.

This goes to: HCI


Congratulations to all winners!

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