Will we see you too during the Science Day in library Terneuzen or Middelburg?

Science is everywhere and always around us, sometimes without you even realizing it. To show what this means you can take a look behind the scenes of science and technology all over the Netherlands on Saturday, October 7 (nationally organized by VNCI). The libraries of Terneuzen and Middelburg will also open their doors for Science Day and of course we will be there!

Especially for children aged 8-14 (but of course everyone is welcome!) we have devised fun experiments so they can playfully get a behind-the-scenes look at science and technology. Our colleagues like to show what they do every day and how much fun it is to use science to develop products that are even more sustainable. After all, chemistry is part of the solution for a more sustainable world.

Will we also see you October 7 in Terneuzen (10-14 hrs) or in Middelburg (10-16 hrs)?

More information and the program can be found on the website of the Weekend of Science.