Around the world Dow sites are raising LGBTQ+ flags

Also Terneuzen is kicking off #Pride2021. A small group raised the rainbow flag on Tuesday the 1st of June in Terneuzen, both at the Terneuzen Diamond Center and at Gate 1 of the Industry Park. Present were John Grantham, GLAD Bnlx sponsor and Peter van Egerschot in his role as DC leader and from the GLAD steering Team Tabita Verburg and Luca Senis.

John shared his Pride “Flags are visual cues that prompt reflection. In June 2021, I reflect on the progress realized to make Dow an environment where LGBTQ+ employees can flourish. At the same time, I’m reminded that we have further to go. Happy Pride month!” Peter’s Pride: "Raising this flag again proofs that Dow and Dow Terneuzen is driving for an inclusive environment for everyone. While we can be grateful we live and work in an environment where inclusiveness for LGBTQ+ is and should be a standard, unfortunately this is not yet a reality in all countries around the world. Let this be a symbol of our support to the global community".

How will you #ShareYourPride this month? #DowProud