About Dow Circles

Explanation of the concept Dow Circles
The reference to a circle, first and foremost, refers to our ambition to ultimately achieve a fully circular production process. This cannot be done all at once but will go step by step. Sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller steps. New (sub)projects are constantly being developed based on the main themes Sustainability, Innovation and Safety. We include our environment and those interested in it on this platform.

We cannot and will not do this alone. We want to increase the circle of involvement with all kinds of stakeholders, like customers, suppliers, partners, colleagues, and the local environment. Together we want to share knowledge, experiences, and ideas to achieve the best results.

Through our DowCircles platform, we are in constant contact with our neighbors (local residents) and other interested parties throughout Zeeland and beyond. Through Podcasts, videos, long-reads and infographics we share updates with our surroundings. During open days, community meetings and virtual events we have real conversations with our neighbors so we can learn from each other. Because good neighbors communicate with each other and help each other.

By focusing on the above, we hope that the circle of impact will continue to grow, so future generations can enjoy more comfort and sustainability in their lives with our high-quality products. Together we can close the loop! Do you join us!