Wednesday 2 November we were guests at the core council meeting of the Municipality of Terneuzen. A meeting that is organized several times a year to update the various town, village and core councils on interesting developments.

We were invited to this meeting in village hall 't Meulengat (Sluiskil). Our site leader Kepa Diaz De Mendibil welcomed the attendees and discussed the importance of being a good neighbor to our neighborhood. Paul Dingenouts, responsible for Environment, Health and Safety, took over the microphone for a short presentation about our organization and an explanation of our roadmap towards CO2 neutrality.

Tim Brouwer, Communications Manager, explained to the 16 town, village and core councils present how we keep our surroundings informed of the latest developments regarding our organization. An important role in this is played by our DowCircles platform, our social media channels and the environment newsletter. He also discussed how we seek cooperation in the region and the activities of our Terneuzen donation team. Contact with our neighbors and other interested parties throughout Zeeland and beyond is important to us. This way we can learn from each other and help each other.